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Sanjay Jain, M.D.

Sanjay Jain 2009

Associate Professor, Pediatrics
Director, Center for Infection and Inflammation Imaging Research
Center for Tuberculosis Research



Infectious Diseases


Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Center for Tuberculosis Research
CRB-II Building/Room 103
1550 Orleans St., Room 103
Baltimore, MD 21231


Medical School:
All India Institute of Medical Sciences (New Delhi, India)

Penn State Children’s Hospital, Milton S. Hershey Medical Center – Pediatrics
Tufts University School of Medicine – Pediatrics

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine – Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Special Interests:

Pediatric tuberculosis

Imaging for infections and inflammatory diseases

CNS tuberculosis

Cellular and low-cost technologies to improve health care


Born in Halifax, Canada, Sanjay Jain, M.D., grew up in India. He is today a specialist in pediatric infectious disease at Hopkins Children’s, with a concentrated research interest in finding new and better ways to combat tuberculosis (TB). In the Center for TB Research at Johns Hopkins, Jain and his research colleagues are 2007 recipients of a $1 million Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation award to design a system that visually tracks the behavior of M. tuberculosis in the body with the goal of developing faster, cheaper drug therapies against a disease that affects billions around the world.

His primary research interests include development of imaging technology for real-time evaluation of M. tuberculosis infection and pathogenesis of central nervous system (CNS) tuberculosis. He has developed both in vitro and in vivo murine models to study CNS invasion by M. tuberculosis. As part of a Gates Foundation funded project, Jain is developing imaging technologies to evaluate M. tuberculosis infections in real-time. These include CT and PET imaging to evaluate the anatomic and inflammatory state of lungs of animals experimentally infected with M. tuberculosis. Using novel radio-nucleotide imaging technology, Dr. Jain is also developing technologies to image live mycobacteria using SPECT imaging. He is also leading a study to evaluate a novel TB test for the diagnosis of active TB in young HIV infected children in India.

Jain received his medical degree in 1999 from All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi, where he was a house officer in neuro-radiology. He trained in pediatrics at Penn State Children’s Hospital, Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, and at Tufts University School of Medicine. He was a clinical fellow in pediatric infectious diseases at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine before joining its faculty. Jain was named an associate professor of pediatrics in the Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases in 2011. He is current director of the Center for Infection and Inflammation Imaging at Johns Hopkins and a member of the TB Research Lab.

Phone: 410 502-8241

Email: sjain5@jhmi.edu

Downloadable CV:

Sanjay Jain CV .pdf

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