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Four months of elective time are provided during the training program. There is no night call during one of the two months of the PL-2 year, and one of the two months during the PL-3 year. Residents often use the elective months to devote additional time to certain subspecialty clinical activities or to take advantage of additional clinical training. Residents may also choose to develop a special elective research program with any of the pediatric faculty or with many other individuals at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions.  During one elective month in each year, PL-2s and PL-3s are relieved of all evening and weekend assignments. 



Indian Health Service Elective

Each year, 13 residents have the opportunity to spend a month at the Indian Health Service Hospital in Tuba City, Arizona. The pediatric service at Tuba City is staffed by five pediatricians. The Johns Hopkins residents who participate in the elective help care for patients in the pediatric clinic, emergency room, and in the 10-bed inpatient service.  

Tropical Medicine Elective

A clinical elective for 2 or 4 weeks in Haiti, Guyana, Peru and Kenya. Open to 3 to 6 pediatric residents in their 2nd and/or 3 yr of residency. Not only are residents exposed to tropical diseases but also to the difficulties of practicing medicine in regions of the world that experience extreme poverty and limited resources. A pediatric faculty member travels with the residents.